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At Luo & Waters, PLLC, located in West Palm Beach, we have proudly served small business owners, individuals, startups and entrepreneurs throughout Florida since 2015. Our attorneys focus on delivering practical solutions to conflicts involving other businesses, customers, employees and partners. Every aspect of a business’s operations — from establishing the right business entity to managing employee relationships — is influenced by complex regulations and rules. Understanding and navigating these regulations and laws skillfully is vital to the survival and success of your business.

With more than 80 years of combined experience, our seasoned business law attorneys are familiar with the applicable laws and court systems and use that knowledge to advocate for your interests.

What are some of the legal requirements and challenges business owners face?

Our law firm crafts innovative solutions to help businesses avoid common obstacles and meet challenges as they arise. For business owners, executives and managers who are not well versed in pertinent state and federal laws, it can be easy to overlook certain requirements and end up in legal trouble down the road.

We assist with business formation, whether you are starting a new venture or restructuring an existing one, ensuring that you choose the structure that minimizes your personal and tax liability. We also offer due diligence and intellectual property counsel to safeguard your interests, as well as assist with the negotiation of buy and sell agreements and other types of contracts so that you can stay in compliance with relevant laws and guidelines.

How can business owners respond to various legal conflicts?

Disputes involving customers, shareholders, employees or other companies can put a strain on your business and impact its reputation. When a breach of contract claim or shareholder dispute arises, our law firm works to resolve the issue as favorably and efficiently as possible.

Our attorneys can help you navigate the complex employment law landscape if you have a concern regarding a wage and hour dispute, discrimination claim, non-compete agreement or employment contract.

We are prepared to handle any commercial or civil litigation matters regardless of complexity or size. We are seasoned negotiators and trial advocates who will safeguard your legal and financial interests. Our attorneys have been successful in collecting more than $700 millions in civil compensation for clients. If litigation is your best chance at getting a positive result, our firm has the courtroom experience so you can move forward with confidence.

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