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Luo & Waters, PLLC is a Florida law firm dedicated to providing effective representation in both civil and commercial matters. Whether your situation relates to a business matter, real estate concern, immigration goal or family law dispute, we are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible resolution. Our attorneys have over 80 years of combined legal experience and serving Florida, Texas, Nevada, New York and Washington D.C. We also handle immigration issues nationwide. In every case we take on, we work tirelessly to deliver successful results while keeping our clients fully informed on case developments. 


Dedicated lawyers pursue clients’ goals

Since 2015, our law practice in South Florida has been helping clients resolve a variety of legal matters successfully. Our lawyers are known for being:

  • Versatile counselors — As your legal advisers, we are comfortable tackling a wide variety of legal matters and formulating detailed strategies aimed at achieving favorable resolutions.
  • Effective negotiators — Sometimes, a business or family dispute is best settled outside the courtroom. Whenever possible, we pursue resolutions that don’t involve the time and expense of litigation. 
  • Accomplished litigators — When your best option is going to trial, you can rely on our seasoned litigators who are familiar with local courts and ready to fight for your interests and assert your rights. 

Our firm aims to resolve your legal matters efficiently and cost-effectively. 


Helping clients overcome legal challenges

  • Business law

    Our business law attorneys handle a range of corporate matters, including breach of contract claims and partnership and shareholder disputes. We also provide intellectual property protection ... 

  • Estate planning

    No one knows what the future holds, so having a solid plan in place could be helpful in order to avoid assets being distributed in a way that doesn’t reflect your true wishes.

  • Employment law

    We possess extensive knowledge of employment law matters and represent employees in discrimination claims and other disputes. We also work with management to help them ...

  • Immigration

    At our firm, we work hard to help clients nationwide get the best possible results in all matters related to immigration, including gaining citizenship and obtaining lawful permanent residence ...

  • Real estate

    We handle commercial and residential real estate transactions, representing individual homeowners/sellers, as well as businesses, landlords and other parties. 

  • Commercial litigation

    Our firm offers high-quality advocacy for all types of commercial litigation issues, such as disputes related to acquisitions or compliance. 

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The hard-working attorneys at Luo & Waters, PLLC assert and protect the rights of clients throughout the West Palm Beach area and Washington D.C., as well as offer nationwide support in immigration matters.

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